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We've worked with schools all around to US to help bring exercise into the classroom. This page is dedicated to our accomplishments in allowing America's students to pedal they way to healthier lives while furthering their education.

May, 2015

Meadow Park Elementary School

Port Charlotte, FL

Meadow Park Elementary School was in need of a solution for their academically and behaviorally challenged students who were having troubles staying focused in their classes. The "Emotional Behavior Disorder Unit" of the school's district decided to purchase 50 of our DeskCycles using grant money in an effort to help their students concentrate on their work.

The DeskCycle was an absolute success among the students. They now had a way to burn all of that energy off.

“I’m so hyper, so it kind of helps me concentrate cause I like to keep moving my feet so I’ll just keep pedaling and stuff and it helps me keep myself out of trouble and keep my eyes on the board”

The teachers loved it too. Now with the help of the DeskCycles, their most hyper of students could finally concentrate on their school work,

"I have had one desk cycle for a few weeks and the students love it. I started by rotating everyone through during centers to show them how it works. I now use it for specific students in the morning to get them going and rotate it around to help kids stay focused. It's also an incentive for students to stay on task."

Principal Asena Mott also had positive words to say about how the DeskCycles have been a positive force in the school.

“We had a need for students who are academically and sometimes behaviorally challenged and we were looking for way to help”

"The blood flowing and pumping through the brain, and continuing that oxygen cycle all the way through, it increases a lot of focus"

We're humbled to have been able to make a difference in the lives of Meadow Park Elementary's students and to help them focus on their education.

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